The Magic of Art

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I have an exciting new development to share!  I’ve been working with artists from the Frank Gallery, a local gallery in town, to stage a few homes.  We’re in the experimental phase right now and testing out whether or not this partnership will be more permanent, but so far I’ve been thrilled by the entire process.  I have many artists in my family, so the collaboration came naturally. 

It just made sense to work together: I couldn’t be happier to promote local work, and to have art placed both in online pictures and in homes where it will be seen, appreciated, and hopefully purchased, and I knew that some houses in particular would benefit from the placement of real art on the walls. 

Gorgeous pieces transformed a plain wall.

What I didn’t realize was just HOW MUCH this was true, and I’ve learned a bit since this collaboration began.  Luckily, my wonderful clients in Coker Hills were avid supporters of local art and had the perfect house to try this out on.  They graciously allowed me to come in and hang multiple pieces when prepping their home for sale.  The results were utterly transformative.  Art placed at the end of a long dark hallway offered a focal point and instilled a sense of intimacy.  A colorful piece on a blank wall, placed just right, supplied a dash of color and provided warmth.  A series, hung in a mosaic pattern, gave new purpose to a wall that otherwise might have appeared to be an odd dimension.  The colors in a piece hung over an overstuffed chair complemented each other perfectly, adding a tone of aesthetic relaxation to the area. 

The colors perfectly complemented each other. I helped the seller choose a color to paint below the chair rail and the whole thing just popped!

What I knew to be true before became unequivocally substantiated: art, poetry for the eyes, brings our homes to life.  It adds dimension and texture and warmth while reducing alienation.  It alters the entire feeling of a space, making it feel lighter and sometimes, happier.  It can easily add intellectual complexity to a home. 

Warmth and depth and intellectual complexity were just what this space needed.

My whole goal with this project has been to find the perfect symbiosis between art and the spaces of a house.  I’ve been so grateful to get to work with such talented artists in the area, and would love nothing more than to continue this journey of transforming spaces with the power of local art.

Check out the final product here, the official listing pictures for 629 Kensington in Chapel Hill:

On that note, if you know of anyone who needs to sell their house who would love this service, let me know!  I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can.  And, contact me if you’re interested in seeing if your home could benefit from some local art.  If I’ve got the time, I’d be happy to come give you a free consultation.    

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