Summer Design Guide: Outdoor Steals

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Did you hear that we created a design guide this summer? This biannual publication is our newest venture in helping you create a home you LOVE. Its purpose is to deliver some inspiration for how to live well and feel good in your place today, before you’re even considering selling!

Meghan Richbourg, my interior decorator friend, is here to keep us all in the know with what colors, designs, and textures are “in.” Here are some of her summer favorites, with details about how to use them and linked to where you can buy them!


Nothing denotes the vibrancy of summer like a fresh, bold shade of green. The deep saturation of this emerald green harkens to the outdoors in any environment: lush fields, tropical trees, flowering forests. The key to evoking the energy and vitality of summer is to be brave and choose a bold, uncomplicated hue.


Emerald Green is easy to use in all sorts of homes, creating rooms with an upbeat yet elegant atmosphere. This beautiful jewel tone makes an excellent addition to strong multi-coloured schemes where it strikes a balance between being vibrant and soothing.

outdoor rug

This is my go-to outdoor rug. It vacuums easily, dries quickly and is just overall a great budget conscious choice! I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy expensive rugs in general, especially not outdoors!

PRO TIP: This rug is available at World Market – and you can save an extra 10% if you do curbside pick up.

outdoor sectional

This outdoor sectional from Ashley Furniture is one of my favorites, especially on a budget! I’ve purchased other outdoor couches that are at least double the price, and don’t compare to the durability of this
fabric and frame. It’s a steal!

PRO TIP: Negotiate away at furniture stores like Ashley! It doesn’t hurt to ask if prices can be discounted.

outdoor coffee table

This West Elm pedestal coffee table is made of a heavy concrete so it’s perfect for households with kids that like to knock furniture over – this won’t move! Also, it’s been stain tested against lots of spills in my house and it’s amazing. Easy to wipe down and looks good as new. Worth the splurge here!

PRO TIP: Working with a designer can save you 15-35% off at various big box stores, even for one item orders.

solar shades

Coolaroo Solar Outdoor Shades shield patios and windows from the heat of the sun. Their ability to block UV rays helps protect your furniture and floors, cool off your home and convert outdoor patios into livable spaces – even during the hottest months.

These shades from are custom fit, for a fraction of the cost of other shade companies. You just measure using the provided guidelines and order away! You can powerwash them too – they dry quickly and no mold! They also have an option of coming with tie down hooks so they don’t flap in the wind. Highly recommend the hooks (they are worth the extra fee).

PRO TIP: It’s free to go online and work with a shade expert. You can give them your dimensions, be sure they have everything correct, and they will send you an estimate. They are guaranteed to fit so I like having the shade experts involved and having a copy of a formal estimate with measurements.

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