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The Perfect Price

A specialized approach

Selling your home—most likely your largest asset—is a monumental task, not to be taken lightly.  Because every home is as unique as its owner, I perform an extensive analysis that considers over 13 different factors (and sometimes takes days of work!) in order to provide my sellers an accurate valuation and several multi-faceted selling strategies.  I am utterly against push-button valuations, one-size-fits-all approaches, and churn-and-burn timetables as they can potentially cost sellers hundreds of thousands of dollars.  My goal, every time, is to sell your house for the most money possible in exactly the way you want to do it.

Staging Your Home

Show your value

I also put maximum effort into helping you stage your home because, like it or not, optics are everything!  Even so, your house isn’t like every other house and it shouldn’t look like every other house.  I’ll help you make your house shine in its own unique glory, making buyers clamor for it. We also work with the Frank Art Gallery in Chapel Hill to utilize local art in our staging. It can add color, dimension, and energy to a home, enhancing the overall feel. When helping a seller stage her house, she said, “I paid a designer to do this before and it didn’t look this good.”  That’s what I like to hear!  The pictures speak for themselves. 

Going The extra Mile

The details that count

I come to each and every sale with a full toolkit, a passion for customer service, and a fiercely competitive spirit. I do a million other things to help sellers get the most out of their home sale.  I’ve written articles about houses in local magazines, sent out postcards, marketed online across multiple platforms, called all the realtors I know…too much to list here.  One recent example is that I did a few hours of research and brought my data to a home I was selling that was being appraised.  My staging was (dare I say it?) a little too good as we got an offer $50,000 over list price.  It was a tricky sell, but I reviewed all the data with him and the home appraised, essentially netting my seller $25,000 more than expected! 

Keeping You In the Loop


I cultivate an online selling workflow platform where we can collaborate so that you’re up to date on what is happening when and you’ll have everything you need (like service providers, attorney information, transaction history, etc.) in one spot.  You’ll never wonder what’s happening next, who you should get in touch with for what, where I am, or what you need to do to proceed to the next step. 

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