Service Provider: Chris Russell, Dragonfly Services

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I’ve used a lot of inspectors over the years, but when I started working with Chris, I never wanted to work with anyone else. Why? Because he fully explains everything, is incredibly thorough, and while he never shies away from revealing the bad and ugly, he’s not an alarmist. He has a contractor’s license too, which to me means that he knows on a more intimate level how houses are meant to work. He spends copious amounts of time answering any and all questions that my clients may have and even helps connect me to service providers sometimes. It is amazing to work with someone who is intelligent and cares to provide excellent customer service. This is why I recommend Chris to all of my clients – because I want nothing but the best!


So, you have finally found the home that fits you and your needs – now just to keep it well-maintained, safe and marketable. Have you considered a home checkup to stay in front of home issues before they become major costly issues? Think of homes as a compilation of multiple systems that work together. When some systems malfunction/degrade they can have profound impacts on several other home systems. A home checkup conducted by a licensed home inspector can help identify the condition of those systems and any service needs and cycles that can help you properly maintain your home. Periodic radon testing is also available. Give Chris a call to discuss your home and see how ongoing home checkups can help you do home ownership right!

I also had the pleasure of selling Chris' home in the fall!

“Excellent agent in every regard. Shenandoah spent the time to really understand my selling needs, the micro neighborhood selling dynamics as well as setting up a great marketing plan for the sale of my townhome in Chapel Hill. She also came up with a staging plan for the home to fit that marketing plan and it truly looked fantastic (clearly others thought so too). The home sold very quickly and for a record price for the community! Her attention to details, her follow through during all of the process made it really easy to work with her. She even handled the lease back given it sold so quickly, which allowed me to relocate with much less stress. Honestly, I really don’t think you will find a better agent to help you through the real estate process, that is looking out for your interests and is there with you throughout the process.”


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