We'll Help you find your Dream Home

“Home is not a place… it’s a feeling.”

Find what feels right.

This is really true, isn’t it?  We all know it’s possible to live in a house that doesn’t feel like home, and that’s exactly why I work tirelessly and patiently with my buyers to ensure that we find a place that doesn’t just “check the boxes”—it feels like home.  I don’t want you to like your new house; I want you to be ecstatic about it.  Home is where you kick off your shoes and relax deeply, commune with friends and connect with family, savor the small, daily delights of existence, and re-energize when your batteries are low. I’ll provide a strategic plan to find your perfect match.

Your New Home Is Waiting For You.

The perfect Match

A STrategic Plan for finding your dream House

Because your home literally cultivates your existence, I take extreme care in helping you find yours.  I don’t believe in rushing people or selling you something you don’t need or want. I begin with an extensive analysis of your needs, which sometimes reveals that you’re actually looking for something different than you thought!  Based on what you’re looking for, I provide you with a competitive strategic plan for buying your dream house.  If you want to buy in this market, you need to have a robust strategy in play—don’t worry, as a competitive negotiator, I’ll cultivate multiple effective approaches for you to choose from.  I’ll also curate an online buying workflow platform for us to collaborate on, so that we can work together in real time to choose properties together, share any kind of service provider you need, share relevant appointment information, and be updated on any lender and attorney dates and issues.  You’ll never wonder what’s happening next, who you should get in touch with for what, where I am, or what you need to do to proceed to the next step.