Homeowners Insurance: What is Liability Coverage?

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Connolly Walker is back to continue her blog series that provides useful information about Homeowners Insurance! This second one is all about Liability Coverage.

If you missed the first one, check it out here!

What is liability coverage?

By Connolly Walker, Harris & Company Insurance

We all know that in order to drive our cars in NC, we need auto liability coverage. But what is it about homeowners liability coverage that’s different?

Your auto liability coverage only provides coverage when you’re in your car and you cause an accident. Any other injury or damage you or your family might cause to someone else is provided under your homeowners liability coverage.

But when was the last time you reviewed that? Homeowners liability coverage is so critical, and yet it is often overlooked. You want to make sure your liability coverage protects your net worth and assets. Often times, the minimum coverage provided on a standard homeowners policy is $100,000. But is that enough?

Here are a few scenarios regarding homeowners liability:

It’s summertime, and it’s hot! Thankfully, you’ve got a pool in your backyard to stay cool. You enjoy having people over, so you decide to invite a few neighbors over. Someone gets hurt while playing in your pool. Do you have appropriate coverage?

Your kids have been begging you for months to get a puppy. Finally, you cave and now you’re instantly the “best parents ever!” But did you talk to your insurance agent to make sure you have proper liability coverage? Will your insurance provider protect against dog bite claims?

Liability coverage is not one size fits all. Be sure to speak with your insurance agent about your liability coverage!

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