How Buyers Can Win in a Seller’s Market

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How can you win in this dog-eat-dog, utterly brutal seller’s market? Well, there are a few strategies that I’ll share with you here in what I’m calling “Betty’s Story.”

One recent bright spot for me was being able to help an amazing woman find her dream house!  I’d had a great time working with Betty, a fire-cracker of a human being, for a few years.  Suddenly, a house we could have only dreamed of came up in her pricepoint (actually, lower, which was great!!)–on 4 acres complete with a pond and ravines, with enough space and it even seemed very well-maintained and updated.  It seemed too good to be true.

 Showings started the next day, so the night before we hatched a plan: we got all of our paperwork together, thoroughly researched the place, and booked a showing for the first slot the next day.  Our approach was going to be to get there first and then (in true Italian form–and I am Italian) to “make them an offer they can’t refuse” if it turned out this was the ONE.  We got there bright and early and within 10 minutes it was clear that this was the place.  I got nervous just standing around because it smelled like a bidding war.  I REALLY didn’t want to lose this for Betty.  If we didn’t get an offer in by noon, we might have to bid at least 25k over just to get it.  So we both ran home, put together a strong offer and sent it off.  Betty was the perfect partner in this strategy because she was so responsive and on top of things, it’s like she was reading my mind.

 They had showings booked for the whole day, but thankfully our strategy worked!!  We went under contract and it was on to the next phase of inspections.  The list agent told me later, “I have a LOT of agents angry that we went under contract so fast and didn’t give them a shot.”

Oops, sorry-not-sorry, other buyers!  I may be just a little competitive…I tried to stifle a maniacal laugh.

Now, my client Betty is a super-charged woman.  While most of us are powered by AAA batteries, this lady somehow is charged with the same kind of rocket fuel that catapults chunks of metal into outer space.  I really wish I knew her secret (edit–found out later that she doesn’t drink coffee or eat sugar–two things that make me doubt that I’ll ever get to her level).

What makes me exceedingly happy is seeing Betty plan on doing things that she’s been dreaming about but we weren’t sure were going to happen–kayaking on her property and having an outdoor party on her gorgeous lawn for whenever the world becomes normal again.  Admittedly, there are things in my job that are hard.  But wow, these are the things that make it all beautiful and worth it–when I get to see someone I really admire and appreciate like Betty living a fuller life, that makes me SO happy.  I’m so, so grateful to have opportunities for joy like this right now and people like this in my life.

Cheers, Betty!


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