Wit & Grit Blog

The purpose of this blog is to provide useful information about Triangle real estate and the real estate business in general for my clients and the interested geeks out there. I fit writing into the nooks and crannies of life (which is pretty busy!), so forgive me if my posts are sporadic.

Lender’s Corner

I’ve worked with a lot of lenders over the years, and I’ve never run into someone better and more pleasant to work with than Todd and his team at Central Bank. What can often happen with lenders is that you don’t know whether or not they’ll be great to work with until it’s too late. Some lenders don’t communicate well, some drop the ball entirely, some overlook some important detail that then changes up the terms of your loan after you’re already committed. Todd always keeps me and my clients in the loop, and he’s incredibly competent.

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Frank Gallery Art

Shenandoah Realty partners with the Frank Gallery to stage homes with their art. We LOVE promoting local art and helping people beautify their homes. Buy the work used in our staging today!

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Homeowners Insurance: What’s a Home Inventory & Why Do I Need One?

You all know I like to partner with the best because life’s too short for ridiculousness. This is why I LOVE Connolly when it comes to the headache of finding homeowner’s insurance. She works hard, is a TAR-HEEEEEEL, is super-smart, really nice, and chalk-full of good information. She’s teaming up with me to provide some useful information through a blog series this year – our first one is on doing a ‘home inventory.”

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Spring Cleaning/Soul Cleanse Continued: Window Edition

How’s your spring cleaning going? This is a judgement-free zone, friends, so if you say, “hey, I’m just trying to bathe twice a week right now,” I hear you and support you! We’ve all been there. But if you’re following along with our blog series, our next move is cleaning your windows – an easy, affordable chore that will quickly brighten up your spaces!

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