Frank Gallery Art

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Ecliptic Series No. 9

by Sudie Rakusin

40x30in, $3700

Cold wax medium and oil paint on wood panel

Summer Garden Light

by Peg Bachenheimer

30x30in, $900

Acrylic on canvas, framed

Street Fair:

32x24in (middle), $495

Circles & Squares:

17x13in (left & right), $295 each

by Carol Retsch-Bogart

Handmade paper with dyed fibers

Meeting Up


20x20in, $350

Collaged collograph monoprints

Morning Rain

by Luna Lee Ray

30x30in, $1400

Mixed media on panel – Acrylic paint, ink, graphite, charcoal

From Firefly #2 Jamaica

by Nerys Levy

$1850 plus tax

Mixed media watercolor & acrylic on paper, framed


by Shelly Hehenberger

24x24in, $750

Oil and cold wax on wood panel


by Shelly Hehenberger

24x24in, $750

Oil and cold wax on wood panel


by Shelly Hehenberger

24x20in, $750

Oil and cold wax on wood panel


FRANK Gallery was founded in 2010 as the result of a partnership between the Town of Chapel Hill and a group of local artists who came together with a shared vision to create an arts organization in downtown Chapel Hill. FRANK is both a fine art gallery representing the best of the local artists, as well as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community through the arts.

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