Alchemy at 916 Kings Mill

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(Or, the story of how we got nearly 200k over list price)

Check out these amazing before & after photos of 916 Kings Mill!

The difference is stunning. I loved getting to help these sellers make renovation decisions before listing their home. If you missed the story of how it all happened (in our newsletter), scroll down to read more!

Sorrynotsorry for getting philosophical on you, but…I believe that there are deep lessons to be told everywhere in life, and real estate is especially ripe with such stories! The story I’m about to tell about 916 Kings Mill (also arguably our greatest success of the year so far) reminded me about the massive potentials that are hidden in each one of us if we choose to look and do the hard work to uncover what greatness lies beneath. This is a story about alchemy.

Let me start by saying that I love architecture and I love art in general. I think I love these things because beauty has the power to touch the soul; to move us in deep, positive, and often inexplicable ways. If you want to get really woo woo, we could say that beauty has the power to shift energy.

Anyway, when I first met with the sellers at 916 Kings Mill, I knew, even though the place needed some serious polish, that this was a diamond in the rough. The gorgeous wall of windows, the potential sight lines (potential because they weren’t yet revealed!), the precision of the mitered windows, the way the house sat on the lot, the angle and height of the ceiling, the gorgeous textured fireplace…all of these features combined had the undeniable potential to KNOCK THE SOCKS OFF OF ANYONE WITH A PULSE! But…they were hard to recognize because 1) there was stuff in the way (like the enormous bush that grew so large out front that no one could see the house); 2) the colors and feng shui were off (for example, some walls needed painting; the exterior paint color didn’t accentuate the architecture, there was furniture and art in places that blocked the energy); and 3) some things, like the floors and owner’s bathroom and kitchen were…tired. They just needed a lift – fresh paint, new configurations, etc.

Ok, I know you can find a metaphor here for your own life 🙂 

Thankfully, the sellers knew they had something very special, even though it may not have looked that way at first. It took vision (and dare I say it, faith?) for them to then say, “we want to put a lot of money into renovations because we know we have something special.” Then they told me they wanted me to make all the aesthetic decisions. Which made me very happy, like a kid in a candy shop. And also anxious! I mean, what if, what if, what if we were wrong? If all of our hard work and money didn’t pay off?

I pour everything I have into my work, and I won’t lie, I was biting my nails on this one. Because it was a massive investment. On all sides. But we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We did all the renovations that would freshen the look and feel of the house. We even opened up some space in the kitchen to allow for better flow and we gutted the owner’s bathroom. We repainted everything with colors that would accentuate the angles and flow of the entire house. We staged with Frank Gallery art and real mid-century modern furniture. The combination of colors and textures and placements of everything resulted in glorious alchemy. 916 Kings Mill had massive potential, but it had to be revealed. When we published it to the world, it was clear that our hard work and vision paid off! We had back-to-back showings lined up for days; three agents called me and asked if we would take a sight-unseen offer (I told them please don’t send one; one agent sent anyway); on day one we had multiple offers.

The next day my sellers decided to go under contract, despite the fact that we had other offers coming in and (no exaggeration) the most interest I’ve ever seen a house get.

We listed the house at 725k and sold at 920k. My sellers were extremely happy, and I was too. 🙂

Performing such alchemy is what I aim for in my job for every house. I want to give a shout out to my sellers for journeying with me and having vision, and to congratulate the buyers for owning what is probably one of the coolest mid-century modern houses in town. We had massive help from ProFinishes for the renovation, and I highly recommend them.

I also can’t help but wonder what depths of potential we each have, and the vision required to unveil it. I’m going to ponder this a bit more while I have the privilege and joy of working with people to uncover for the market their home’s shiny potential 🙂

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