You don't need a PhD to buy and sell homes, but it does make a difference!

The Difference

Strong negotiation skills

I know how to construct arguments and employ them for the fullest leverage.  This comes in handy not only when negotiating the various parts of an offer, but also in negotiating repairs and working with appraisers.

Strategic thinking

I like to empower my clients so they have as many good options as possible.  Whether buying or selling, I work to cultivate several choices for my clients based on solid research so that they can feel not only confident in the soundness of their choices but also fully enabled.

Good research and data

I’m the kind of person who will not make a decision without sufficient reason/data, and I don’t expect my clients to be any different.  In real estate, there is a lot of “bad data” out there—or rather, information masquerading as data.  We can talk about this more in depth, but my commitment to using the most relevant, good data often means that I spend hours digging for it and crunching numbers.  I do this because I can’t in good conscience make decent recommendations without rock-solid data.  The difference for my sellers is faster sales at optimal profits and for my buyers, a successful purchase and confidence in their new home’s value.


I’m no Hemmingway, but I do think that years of writing experience translates into a higher-quality product when I’m marketing properties, which in the end generates healthy buyer interest and a faster, smoother sale.

Better project management

Years of having to manage multiple, long-term projects as an academic trained me well for the complexities of real estate.  Maybe I’m weird, but I actually enjoy keeping all the plates spinning at once!


As an academic, the repercussions for not meeting a deadline can be severe.  The same holds true in real estate.  I know this and am thoroughly committed to offering excellent and timely service.   

My Philosophy

Hard Work Matters.

Call me crazy, but I believe in the value of hard work.  In this business, if you don’t have a broker who is studious and thorough in their research for buying a house or prompt and meticulous throughout the selling process, you can lose some serious money.  I find deep satisfaction in working hard and reaping the reward of a job well done.  I feel even happier watching my clients benefit from my efforts, whether I’m pounding the pavement to get a house sold or showing buyers a listing that went on the market within the hour. 

Yes, that’s me to the right.  My admittedly strange enjoyment of hard work probably explains why I drank the Crossfit Kool-aid.  On that note, let me know if you’re interested in coming to sweat it out with me!

Transparency Is Important.

Real estate brokers act as useful buffers between two transacting parties in monumental deals.  A good broker will prove her worth behind the scenes by being able to smooth out the many wrinkles that inevitably occur in the high stakes situation of buying or selling a house.  However, while this curtain between two parties is often what holds deals together, it can be frustrating to feel like you don’t know what’s going on.  Clients want to know sometimes how a particular negotiation was handled, and I don’t blame them–I always want to know more, too.  When clients have questions about how something was dealt with, I literally copy and paste the negotiation into an email and shoot it to them.  Sharing literal information like this with my clients is a step beyond how people normally practice, but I do this because 1) I want my clients to feel fully informed and 2) I am confident enough in my abilities to negotiate that I have nothing to hide.  I’ve found that clients really appreciate my candor and are always very satisfied with how I communicate their demands and argue their interests.

Research Is Critical.

Buying or selling a house is an enormous responsibility, and a high-stakes endeavor.  Because you’re dealing with two highly-volatile subjects–people and markets–there are SO MANY things that can go wrong.  Even though there are a lot of unknowns in this business, I believe you shouldn’t feel left in the dark.  The next best thing to a crystal ball is research, and I’m a firm believer that buyers or sellers should have the most well-rounded, thorough research available to them that pertains to whatever decision they’re faced with.  I believe in making knowledge available so much in fact that it doesn’t always work out in my favor.  To give just one example, I’ve had buyers one second from submitting an offer on an investment property walk away from the deal based on investment calculations I provided to them.  My goal in every situation is to present to my clients all the evidence pertinent to each decision, so they can make fully-informed choices.  I personally like to be apprised of all factors when trying to determine what to do, and I’m committed to treating my clients as I’d want to be treated. 

Compassion Counts.

I like to treat others as I would want to be treated.  In my work this means that I’m careful with money and mindful of circumstances.  I believe in treating each transaction as if it was my own.  I’m pretty careful with my own money, and would be incensed if anyone was careless with it.  In the same way, I like to make sure my buyers are getting a good deal and my sellers are getting the most money possible.  Buying and selling usually isn’t just about handing off a property, though.  Often there are complicated circumstances, whether these involve harder things like death or divorce, or happier things like a new baby or job.  Whatever the case, part of what is so rewarding about my job is that I get to be there right in the middle of these transitions.