A blog shift and…how to be green?

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Hi all. I’ve not posted on this in a while. Many of you subscribed when I started my blog on “feeling at home.” At that point I promised not more than one or two posts a month. I’m writing to tell you two things:

1. I’m going to start posting more frequently – possibly a few times a week. That’s more often than what I last advertised, so if you’d like to unsubscribe from this I won’t be offended as I understand what it’s like to drown in email. I could keep you on my newsletter list (which will be once a month) instead. Just shoot me a text or message and let me know what your preference is.

2. There are two problems about life in general right now that plague me, and they have specific consequences in real estate. One is the problem of affordability. It’s my job to sell your house for the most money possible and you better believe I will continue to do that. But I also have a heart for all the folks who can’t find affordable housing and I want to continue to think about how I can help and how our communities can help. The second problem is environmental. We must, in every facet of life, focus our energies on becoming more green. I’m going to dig into this topic more over time and try to come up with actionable things that I can do in my business to promote environmental health.

That’s all for now. Greta Thunberg is my hero.

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