Do you work with family and friends?

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This is a weird business.  I get the subtext to this question–the insinuation that employing friends and family is a bad idea because you could damage the relationship.  Some people want to work with me because I am a friend (because they want to work with someone they like and trust), while I bet some people wonder if working with a friend who is a realtor will screw up the friendship. 

Different realtors have different perspectives on this particular complication.  When I first went into the business, another realtor was telling me about how his friend hired someone else to sell his house.  The realtor told me that he was utterly incensed, and decided to confront his friend and actually accused him of betrayal.  I think perhaps I was supposed to be impressed by his chops, but I was horrified.  The whole thing sounds terrible, but in the end, I don’t believe that friends owe other friends business just because they’re friends.  I wouldn’t want to be hired based on that alone.  And I wouldn’t hire a friend to drill on my teeth just because they were a friend.  If that friend was competent, then I would choose them over a competent stranger, partly because I think they’d take even better care of me than a competent stranger.  

When it comes to real estate, my philosophy is no different: I believe that friends (and strangers) should hire me for no other reason than that I’m good at what I do and because I’ll serve them well.  And while I give all my clients 100%, I’m even more anxious to make sure that my friends are served well.  

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